As a young professional Italian fashion designer from Milan, Italy, Milo Migliavacca arrived to Bali in 1973.

It was for him the opening of a creative door to a world of inspiration uniting his skills and appreciation of European designs with the enchanting and unknown skills of the Balinese artists and craftsmen. It opened up to an industry of producing contemporary fashion in Indonesia which had never existed before. Milo’s aim was to make women look as beautiful as Bali. He wove his impressions, inspired by Balinese handicrafts, into his signature knits of rayon and silk jerseys, embellished with embroidered appliqué and intricate beadwork. He later extended his collections to include silk chiffon, silk organza and silk satin fabrics. And ultimately he redefined the traditional techniques of Indonesian Batik. His ingenuity towards this end, earned him the title. “The Original Prince of Batik Couture” Milo integrates his refined Italian aesthetic quality of timeless elegance with the intricacies of the geometry of Indonesian Batik, and in tune to the contemporary fashion world. Often his prints, are interpretations of his great love for nature and inspired by his award winning collection of cultivated orchids grown at his Gobleg highland nursery. Though Milo had jump start a new era for Bali with his display worldwide of sexy free flowing lines creating a silhouette showing the natural curves of the body, he has now entered into another direction — that of the demure. He has presented Muslim fashion around the world but hasn’t become solely a designer of Muslim attire. In his words “So I’m used to making very sexy clothes. The thing now is how one wears these clothes. You can be revealing with elegance and class, and with modesty.”: What this means is that his designs can retain their seductive appeal by breaking them down into dresses, tops, leggings, sarongs and scarves, and the amount of skin one displays is up to the individual. Whoever Milo designs for , it’s completely apparent that the passion for the evolution of creativity runs very strongly through these Italian / Indonesian / Global veins. And now going forward with the high tech generation, Milo has gone digital with the Batik. Browse through the website, enjoy the viewing …. and the shopping .

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1966 -1996

Milo’s highly acclaimed brand in the mid-nineties, called NAGA, evolved into MILOS, which was enthusiastically accepted by the fashion world in finer shops and showrooms in Italy, France, USA, England, Spain, Germany and Japan.

1996 - 2006

Presently as Milo tirelessly continues to experiment develop and manifest techniques and designes that innovate and inspire, even with mystical flavor he has gained recognition in the new markets of India and China.